Shopping Guide



UNIQUE NATURE of e-LIFE GLOBAL  – The User can become a Buyer and Seller through one time Registration.   Customers and Sellers can interact and find better products and services with competitive prices. This is not only a plat form for Shopping, here sellers can develop their customer base and buyers can find better price and products with various Sellers around.

Regular Shopping will be more interesting here, because all your nearby shops will be available here with various products with competitive prices.  You can start bargaining with shops and brands to get a discounted price.

Bulk buyers can contact Manufacturers directly and get attractive prices for their products and services.


Buyer Login

Buyer’s can register with e-Life Global and start shopping instantly through WEBSITE or MOBILE APP.


How to find Products &Services

Buyer’s can find products under “ELG SHOPPING”  & services under  “ELG SERVICES”.

Category wise Search for products and services available through Product Categories and Services Categories separately.


How to find Shops

Find registered shops under “SMART e-MART” under various categories and you can find their products under each shop.

Shops can be searched by categories through E-Mart Categories.


Other Facilities for Buyers or Customers

You can find NEWS, Classifieds, Advertisements, Charity, Brands, directly through home page.

ELG-APP – Mobile Application

Users can down load Mobile App enjoy all the above facilities as same as in Website.

Mobile Application will also occupied with all facilities like start shop, add products, add services, classifieds, news, advertisements etc very easily.


Buyers can start their own shop under MY ELG SHOP in their own name or own shop name and through the Dashboard they can

  1. publish their products and services to the public
  2. publish FREE Classifieds under any type, to the public
  3. publish NEWS near to them or share the NEWS from medias
  4. Advertise their interests to the public through e-Life Global

My ELG SHOP will help you to sell your TALENTS, KNOWLEDGE, ART WORK, MUSIC, SERVICES, CREATIVITY, WRITEUPS, USED BOOKS, UNWANTED PRODUCTS, USED FURNITURE, etcetc etc.  There is no limit for such kind of facilities. You will get support from our team any time for any help.