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Why to join and sell on e-Life

  • e-Life Global is a City Based online plat form, where the local people can reach to their nearby shops and all major shops including offices, service providers WITH A GLOBAL ACCESS.
  • The future shopping of public will be governed by in the near future, by providing a platform for competitive products and shops in a city and around the globe.
  • Your ELG Shop can be accessed from anywhere from the world and your targeted customer base is worldwide. You can expect a foreign order in the near future.
  • The businesses can easily generate new customer base inside and outside by just becoming a free member.
  • The individuals and businesses can find everything around them through
  • An amazing online platform for all is on your finger tip. Through ELG-APP you can do every activity on this platform. No need computer or laptop.
  • Easy access to all sellers and customers because, individual customers also there in My ELG Shop as sellers for used goods and individual services.


How to become a seller on

The sign up process is as simple as joining in any other social network sites.  Creating a Shop need your attention on selecting the Main Shop Category and Sub Categories related to your business. Our customer support team will help you if there is any need.

Please go through these links to understand the joining and creating your own shop by website and Mobile App.

The individual or business house needs to provide the required information about their business.  The details required are:

  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Business or Individual Address
  • Mention your shop details with Products or Services categories you are dealing or your Business nature etc.
  • Bank Account Details

Once the details submitted online, our team will review the same and approve your shop within 48 hours, depending upon the details.

After approval you can start listing of products or services.


Other Joining Methods to help you do your business more easily.

  • If you wish to manage your store on without any brainstorming, our team will handle your business to flourish. We will create, manage and promote your business with a service charge depending upon the services required.   This you can discuss with our sales team through the following ways.
  • Our team will assist you to create your shop by Just sending an SMS, WHATSAPP Message or Missed Call to the number 0091 8075 737 169.
  • ELG-APP allow you to send Chat Message through ELG-SQUIB with contact number for your shop registration.
  • You can also send an email to support@ for assistance.


Our team will contact you and do the needful for all your support.


Everyone can become a SELLER in   The User can become a Buyer and Seller through one time Registration.

How to start a SHOP ?

A user  can Register directly as a SELLER through the registration area.  He has to select a username and password with contact details.  After that the Seller has to select a SHOP CATEGORY under the SEVEN categories available.

The SHOP creation is possible under ONE MAIN category only.  Under that MAIN Category, you can choose a number of sub-categories, which is related to you business type.

Please go through THIS LINK to understand the SHOP CATEGORY SELECTION in details.

After completing the Category selection you will be directed to add initial details of your Shop to Start, like name, address, social network links, contact details, profile and banners etc.  Your Shop will be live after the approval of Admin Verification.

Products & Services Categories

E-Life Global will display all types of Products and Services around us.  Everybody can join and display their products or services easily through  You can attract new customers with offers and competitive prices.  Your product or service quality will attract new customers and your customer base will increase quickly.

Please see the product categories and service categories through following links :


Remittance policy

e-Life Global account settlement is very fast on receiving a satisfactory report from the buyer after receiving the product.  For every Businesses Customers are Kings. As a Seller you must provide 100% satisfaction to the Buyers. Your customers are ours too. Hence if you can become a successful seller by providing 100% satisfaction to the buyer you will win.


Our system will automatically provide a number for your shop, which can be searchable through “Shop No Search Area”.  There is an option for buying FANCY NUMBER for your shop which you can use in your communications and advertisements to attract customers easily.  Each location has its own FANCY NUMBER. So the same number will be available in different locations.  One Location One Number, that will be your Lucky Number.

How to post Products & Services

Through “My Dashboard” ( MY ELG PLATFORM) you can easily add products, services, classifieds, news, charity, advertisements etc.

Product Sales & Delivery

The Shop owner can decide what he wishes to sell and what service he wish to provide through e-LifeGlobal platform.  As a Seller you can decide the terms of sales like Amount, Type of Delivery, Time of Delivery, Warranty, Guaranty, Return Policy, Refund Policy etc.  If you didn’t mention these details in each of you products, the terms of ELG will be applicable on that and you have to obey the same.


Initially, being a startup company,  e-Life Global will not undertake the delivery of materials/products to the customers.  Hence the Seller has to arrange themselves the delivery of their products or services to the Customer as per the terms. ELG Team will assist you in all stages as per the facilities grow in the near future.

Charges for Smart e-Mart


Shop creation & Items Listing Fee

Active Shops

Inactive Shops ( Activation Fee for 3 months)


Freefor 1st Six Months

Rs.200/- permonth



Free for 1st Six Months

Rs.200/- per month

Public View of Contact Details Free for 1st Six months

Rs.199/- per month

Free for 1st Six months

Rs.199/- per month

Featured Shops Rs.2999/- per month Rs.1999/- per month
Featured Products/ Services Rs.1999/- per month Rs.999/- per month
Delivery Charges By Seller By Seller
Delivery arranged by ELGZONE As per Service Provider’s Charges As per Service Provider’s Charges
Commission Charges Vary from 3% to 30% Vary from 3% to 30%
Transaction Fee As per the Payment Gateway & Bank Charges As per the Payment Gateway & Bank Charges
Order Cancellation due to breach of Minimum Quantity, Delivery Time promised or any other terms  

10% of the Product or Service Value


10% of the Product or Service Value

Government TAXES Service Tax – 14%

Swachh Bharat Cess – 0.5%

KrishiKalyanCess – 0.5%

Any Other taxes by Govt. time to time

Service Tax – 14%

Swachh Bharat Cess – 0.5%

KrishiKalyanCess – 0.5%

Any Other taxes by Govt. time to time

Return Courier Fee/ Re-Delivery Fee Depending upon the nature of Return issue. Depending upon the nature of service issue
Creating and Managing your business on by our Team  

Contact us


Contact us


An active account means where there is sales and new products adding, sharing the shop, products and services in social media and continuous sales or visits by new customers.

Inactive Accounts means, which completes six months after registration, during which, didn’t perform any activity in account like new products or services adding, order receipts, enquiry receipts, purchases, sales etc.  If there is no such activity after joining, after six months that account will be inactivated and an activation fee will be charged as mentioned above with taxes where ever applicable.