ELG Charity

ELG Charity

We support those who deserve. Free to publish your necessity and urgent life requirements here!
Blood Donors / Medical Care / Education Help
Just Spread Your Needs Here!

ELG Charity to support your needs

through like-minded people

We at ELG realize the actual requirement of Charity.

ELG grows only through you and our growth will reflect through the needy.

We support those who deserve.

Wish to build a future through children who have dreams.

Wish to be a part of those who work hard to make this globe a better place.


As we all know, more than half of the world population is suffering to have a good life, health and wealth condition. We all have few years to live in this world and have to use the major time to struggle for the same life, to make it happier. But unfortunately only few people can reach that level. We believe most of the problems around the world is created by wealth or money. We wish to change this and introducing our first step towards this through ELG Charity. The road towards success is always dark, but we see some like-minded people and can see some lights around us just like stars.

ELG is starting a platform for the needy around the world. ELG is formed with wide view of having a happy global life for all and with a vision to help the needy. ELG definitely will be there for those who need help in anyway and through any means. ELG will do the best to support the case and help to the maximum.

ELG Charity wishes to build a group of like-minded people, who can participate in our dream vision.

Through ELG Charity, anyone can publish their or others requirement for help and gather the attention of helpful people around the world.

Hope this will be a great platform for all who deserve.

We think it is very simple to change the world, IF EVERYONE THINK POSITIVELY FOR OTHERS BETTERMENT.

Join us to just change the world.