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Shanthi Bhavan – Palliative Hospital/Home Care, Thrissur

E-Life Global recommend and proud to support the Activities extended by the Shanthi Bhavan Palliative Institute for Care, Research and Training, Pallissery, Thrissur, Kerala, India.


We request you all to be a part of this venture and everybody can become a part of this sacred services by contributing any amount on a monthly basis.


Man is a Social animal. We believe that, Society has involvement in a man’s life. We are happy to share the happiness in a man’s life, but when the same person is in sick or when he is worry, no one in the society is ready to share his pain or share his sadness apart from his family members. So with the social involvement, Old aged people & bedridden people need to be taken carein their needs & necessities 24/7. Our Vision is to provide Love & care to those persons who are leading a miserable & lonely life.

Please go through their services mentioned below and if you require any further details please contact us through

You can Direct Contact the Centre through the details given below.

Palliative Institute for
Care Research & Training,
Pallissery, Arattupuzha P.O,
Thrissur 680562
Call us: +91 480 2790077,+91 480 2793131

+91 9142653804


Four lines are exclusively dedicated for availing different services of our Shanthi Bhavan Palliative hospital. At present, these Services are restricted to people under Thrissur district only.

Services such as Palliative Home Care, Care in Palliative Hospital for Bedridden patients, Registration for Early Cancer detection,Registration for Dialysis, Blood Donation, Fellowship Registration, Donation for Dialysis, Organizing Early Medical Detection Camps are available through these IVR facility.

Our 4 exclusive IVR numbers are

  • 08030459929
  • 08030459931
  • 08039591691
  • 08039591791

Palliative Home Care

We provide24 hour Home Care service which is purely dedicated to Old aged, Bedridden & Dying patientswho register their names under the locality of Thrissur district.At present, more than 1000 patients are being visited at their homes and the sick are taken care of.Our Doctors, Nurses & Community Volunteers are exclusively dedicated to this service 24/7.

Palliative Hospital Care

In times of critical situation, some patients need to be shifted to Palliative hospital for providing more care with the help of Ultra-modern equipments & will be taken care of 24/7. Orthocare, Physiotherapy & Intensive care services are provided to patients as per their needs in each & every minute.

Ambulance Service

Free Ambulance Service is provided for bedridden patients to reach Palliative Hospital in time and will be dropped off at their homes after providing sufficient care.

Care for Permanently Sick

Permanent care for bedridden patients in Palliative hospital is provided with the support of their Family members & Society.

Free Early Cancer Detection

Executive Medical check-up & Cancer detection is made possible through fully automated Medical Labs in ShanthiBhavan Palliative hospital. This service is provided to Fellowship members of Palliative Hospital only.

Early Medical Detection Camps

Early Medical Detection Camps will be conducted for public on the basis of Panchayath/Muncipality/Corporation limits. Blood & Urine tests can be done free for camp members through these detection Camps. Diseases which cause ladies such as Breast Cancer, Uterus Cancer, Thyroid Cancer are diagnosed & treated with Ultra-Modern Medical Equipments. A total of 48 parameters in Blood/Urine are included in the test. Deadly Diseases including Cancer are taken care in the Initial stage itself by our Professional medical team before it gets critical.

Local Autonomy Institutions & Voluntary Organizations can avail the facility of Early Medical Detection Camps under their respective locality by joining hands with AbhayamPalliative Care & ShanthiBhavan Palliative Hospital.

Death Care Service

In the case of death of our registered palliative patient, Death Care will begiven. Separate ambulance service is available for the same.

Dialysis Service

At present 12 patients per day can avail the facility of Dialysis through 3 dialysis machinesi.e. 240 dialysis per month. Vehicle facility will be provided to transport the patients from home to Palliative hospital & vice versa. We have Nephrologist, Dialysis Technician & sufficient nursing staffs to provide free Dialysis service.

Mobile Freezer Service

People can avail the service of Mobile freezer within limited premises around Shanthi Bhavan Palliative Hospital & around link centers of ShanthiBhavan Palliative Hospital & Abhayam Palliative Care under various panchayath limits.

Future Project

Now a days, if ordinary people exhibit signs of cancer in their body, we may visit RCC (Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum) as per the guidance of specialized doctors to check the depth & intensity of the disease. At the time of realization that we are affected by cancer, we may be already in critical stage. To avoid such circumstances, even while people are healthy, cancer can be detected in people with the help of Cancer Detection Institute which is been developing in joining hands with ShanthiBhavan Palliative Hospital & Abhayam Palliative Care as our Future Project. Even though the equipments for detection are very costly, we at ShanthiBhavan Palliative Hospital & Abhayam Palliative Care strongly believe that our dream can be achieved with the support of helping hands from society and we are striving hard to achieve our aim.